Reversible Destiny by Arakawa & Gins

Reversible Destiny is a concept and series of architectural designs created by the artist-architect duo Madeline Gins and Shusaku Arakawa. Their work challenges conventional architectural ideas and proposes innovative designs that aim to prolong human life, promote physical well-being and enhance cognitive abilities.

Through using architecture as a medium, Arakawa and Gins inspire people to reassess daily perceptions of space and movement through liberating senses and challenging mortality. The mind-bending residential loft spaces created by the architect-artist duo titled Reversible Destiny Lofts were founded in West Tokyo’s suburban area of Mitaka.

Each unit is uniquely designed and features the characteristic principles of the Reversible Destiny philosophy. The architects aimed to create living spaces that challenge occupants’ perceptions and promote an active engagement with their environment, creating a space that could ‘reverse our destiny’ from mental and physical stimulation in our daily interactions.


All apartment units have an intentional challenge on perceptions and physical predictability. Throughout the apartment intricate design details such as textured surfaces in as many as 16 different colours and uneven flooring challenge depth.

Every loft features unconventional shapes, angles, and perspectives. The floors are uneven and undulating, with inclines and slopes that challenge traditional notions of flat surfaces. This design is intended to prevent habituation and force residents to be more aware of their movements. The exterior of the building is brightly coloured with different hues. Each colour represents an extra space or room, creating a visual puzzle for occupants.

The project demonstrates the integration of art, philosophy, and architecture, emphasising the role of the built environment in shaping human experiences. Reversible Destiny concept and designs are nonetheless truly thought-provoking and unique. However, some could say the extreme nature of the designs may not be practical or suitable for everyday living.

If anything, the sheer ambition and experimental undertaking remains nothing short of impressive.


The Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka from Reversible Destiny on Vimeo.


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