Elevate Your Everyday Experience with Kinto's Thoughtful Design

Indulge in the latest delivery from Kinto, experts in staple drink, tableware, and interior accessories. Immerse yourself in their collection of multi-purpose glassware and vibrant tumblers designs. Kinto's philosophy centres around crafting beautiful, functional, and enduring designs that elevate daily rituals.

Kinto not only offers meticulously crafted products but also fosters a warm and balanced lifestyle, providing objects that bring comfort and inspiration to your everyday life. At Pick Store, we've carefully selected a range of recently arrived items that will reintroduce simple pleasures into your daily routine. 

The Unitea Teapot / Cup and Saucer Collection - Harmony in Simplicity

Integrating seamlessly into any home setting, Kinto's Unitea collection presents the One Touch Teapot and Cup and Saucer. Crafted from heat-resistant thin glass, these pieces showcase the beauty of tea's texture and colour, enabling you to witness the harmonious bloom of tea leaves in boiling water. Immerse yourself in the serene ambience while enjoying a delightful cup of tea. 

Sacco Vase - A Playful Accent

Infuse your living space with a touch of playfulness using the Sacco Vase set from Kinto. These single-flower vases beautifully capture the delicate expressions of plants and flowers. With their subtle hints of colour, they effortlessly blend into various interior settings, adding a renewed sense of vitality and charm to any room.

Slow Coffee Style - A Ritual of Delight 

Experience the joy of pour-over coffee with Kinto's Slow Coffee Style. Designed for coffee enthusiasts, this collection adds a touch of elegance to your daily coffee ritual, allowing you to savour and appreciate the art of coffee preparation. Complete with a stainless steel filter and holder for precise measurement, this set can also be used for cold brewing, offering versatility and endless brewing possibilities.

Day Off Tumbler - Your Perfect Companion

Introducing our beloved Day Off Tumbler, now available in six captivating colours. Designed to accompany your relaxing yet active days, its ergonomic rounded handle ensures a comfortable grip while on the move. The standout feature lies in its expertly engineered cap, designed to provide a smooth drinking experience by preventing spills and allowing for effortless sipping. Regardless of the weather, the Day Off Tumbler from Kinto offers both aesthetic appeal and practicality, enabling you to savour enriching moments of pleasure throughout your day.

Elevate your lifestyle with Kinto today. All available online today.

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