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    • June 30, 2022 New Arrivals - Toujours SS22
      New Arrivals - Toujours SS22

      Designed and manufactured in Japan by Masaya Shimeno using carefully selected natural materials, Toujours aim is to produce enjoyment for everyday wear. They pay special attention to the importance of comfort by utilising specific materials, incorporating traditional Japanese styles.

      Their SS22 collection is designed to have a particular expression for textures and distinctive cuts. Each item is based on the consumers current style, displaying their statement of contemporary fashion. 

      Toujours' collection is filled with a blend of luxurious-soft cloth, moisture-absorbent fabrics and rough crisp textures. Each piece, from our favourite China Coverall Jacket which features traditional China frog button fasteners, to the Square Lace Robe has unique characteristics that are individual to each style.

      We recommend experiencing the whole collection in person in order to truly appreciate the craft and attention to detail in their design. One-of-a-kind. 




      The collection is available to purchase online now. Click here to view.  



    • June 18, 2022 Featured Series: Father's Day with Tatsuo
      Featured Series: Father's Day with Tatsuo

      As part of our Featured Series, we caught up with Tatsuo Hino, without doubt a  pioneer when it comes Japanese clothing. 

    • May 23, 2022 Featured Series: First Camp
      Featured Series: First Camp A weekend spent embracing collective values and unplugging from day to day life,  First Camp certainly did not disappoint from start to finish.
    • April 03, 2022 Featured Series: Impossible Objects
      Featured Series: Impossible Objects As part of our first featured series, we chatted with our friends at Impossible Objects.