Introducing: The NERDYS


Japanese imprint, The NERDYS founded by Seiji Akutsu, also known as NERKLE, emphasises an individualistic style influenced by an ethos that embraces immersive culture, spanning music, art, and movies.

The NERDYS are renowned for their tongue-in-cheek approach to American casual staples, celebrating the 'coolness that lies in lameness.' Previous season lookbooks seamlessly fuse 'nerdy visuals' with inspiration drawn from characterful directors such as Woody Allen and Wes Anderson.

Traditionally eschewing fashion norms, The NERDYS often explore the concept that clothing isn't merely attire; it's a homage to the nerdy spirit within us all, urging wearers to express their multifaceted passions.

By reimagining and transforming the concept of 'nerdy' into a sophisticated and timeless style, The NERDYS strives to embrace the allure of intellectualism. Tailored for those who are mature yet young at heart, the brand encourages individuals to confidently express their interests through their style and attire.

Expect a vibrant palette of relaxed-fitting, timeless styles with meticulous detailing, that never strays far from fabrics crafted with a focus on quality.

Full collection available in-store and online soon!

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