Hiroshi Nozawa's Journey to Exceptional Craft

Influenced from traditional vintage workwear and military styles produced using modern techniques with a Japanese touch, Hiroshi Nozawa’s Norbit blends a mix of ‘hybrid’ clothing that’s wearable and equally functional.

His deep understanding and knowledge in the field of clothing design spans over 30 years and is nothing short of impressive. Beginning his craft with well-known labels New Balance and Japan only Columbia Black Label before honing his designs most notably for Japan’s outdoor lifestyle brand Snow Peak. Alongside CEO Lisa Yamai, Hiroshi helped launch the brands first ever apparel collections, further expanding the well-known outdoor brand into a functional stylish clothing label. 

Under his own project Norbit began designing in 1999 with his first collection launching in 2018. Between then he took a hiatus further perfecting his personal craft whilst expanding and building on his knowledge with Snow Peak. Working with a variety of established outdoor brands helped him develop his craft and understanding for endurability and designability in severe weather conditions and overall expand and enhance his understanding of functional materials. 

His process is intricate with every step, he endlessly sketches out designs, imagining himself in a particular setting, whether it’s rain, wind or snow. From here he draws on his technical design and extensive knowledge to create a sketch to express the idea in real form visually. It’s here where the creativity of the mind is most exercised and thought-out without the influence of merchandising data or numbers to base from unlike a big brand. Each design is tirelessly thought through to the last detail, making every design personal and unique with the utmost attention to detail. 

Hiroshi’s approach to clothing is humble and almost spiritual with nature, primarily his collections are meant to be at one with the wearer rather than looking good. He projects his wisdom and focuses his designs on the harmony of his subjects, this is evident in his apparel with truly beautiful pieces that look stylish yet serves a function and practicality to protect us. 

Norbit by Hiroshi Nozawa’s AW21 collection is one that transcends all through the Autumn and Winter season. Whether it’s Polartec fabric for the coldest Christmas or a packable lightweight jacket for varying seasons and temperatures, here are our favourite pieces we’ve selected from the collection available online.

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