Explore The Rise of Listening Bars in Japan

Photography by Brilliant Corners

Tucked away between Japans high rise buildings and back-alleys, gently nestled down lowly lit narrow stairs, lies Japan’s infamous listening bars. Rooted in Japan's rich culture, listening bars and audiophile venues are intimate, cosy and a great escape from the fast paced streets of Japan. 

An environment and institution for music and audio enthusiasts in pursuit for the highest quality sound experience. These hidden gems beneath Japan’s bustling streets are nothing short of impressive and a true exploration into exceptional sound. Japans listening bars are typically lowly lit serving a range of drinks accompanied with high-end, precision-made sound systems, turntables and mixers endlessly fine-tuned creating a comforting laid back audio and visual exploration.

Photography by Jersey Walz

A curated establishment to take pleasure in discovering and immersing yourself in the best possible way. A truly wonderful setting creating a hub with an aesthetic that holistically compliments each other under one space engulfing yourself in the finest quality music and sound. 

Its rise in popularity has spread internationally with similar concepts in London such as, Brilliant Corners, Spiritland and Behind this Wall. The spaces offer a similar ambience of minimal lighting and bespoke sound systems for audio lovers all under one roof.  

Photography by Miami Sound Bar

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