A Touch of Playfulness from Thing Fabrics

Experts in pile-based textiles with a reputation for quality and excellence. Thing Fabrics create playful towel-based accessories and clothing. Coming from Imabari Prefecture, an area known to lead the towel industry for 120 years is the hub and mecca for towel production in Japan.

Renowned for its (absolute) quality of materials and a long reputation of excellence, Thing Fabrics add their own interpretation to Imabari’s legacy combining playful colour palettes with relaxed fits.

Their timeless quality of classic shapes are not tied to any particular occasion, but instead a wide variety of contexts to fit their user’s lifestyle. Ranging from hand and face towels through to the comfiest two piece joggers, each piece from the collection is effortlessly smooth to the skin.

We have a selection of towel accessories for your home on our website, with a line of apparel coming this Spring Summer.

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