Everyday Bags from Sweetch

Introducing our first ever Korean brand, Sweetch. Founded in Korea, Sweetch focus their designs on carefully selected materials, functionality and quality for long-lasting practicality.

Produced with pride by skilled craftsmen for over 40 years, Sweetch focus their designs on understanding the user's lifestyle and the materials physical properties. Meticulously thoughtful of the production method from product planning and design to production.

Standing out on the streets of the world's most populous and congested cities is difficult. Yet, Sweetch has done exactly that, gaining a cult following for its unique range of daily carry bags, workwear, and accessories. 

Sweetch's signature Nylon coated canvas bags are waterproof and each offer a unique style, blending simple functional design. The whole collection offers something different yet an essential for the pratialites of everyday life around the city, from our favourite versatile Market Bag to the Helmut Bag offering added inner padded protection for electronic goods whilst on the move. 

All Sweetch items are created and manufactured in Korea in a self-owned production facility staffed by talented artisans with over 40 years of expertise. As a result, they provide excellent quality control and careful consideration, as does the brand's culture, which emphasises the concept of items being "passed on" - from designer to manufacturer to checker and finally to the buyer.

Check out our full collection online and in store now!

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