Pick Store was launched by siblings Dan and Allisya Pickles. As siblings stemming from the creative and retail industry, we have always had a mutual interest in concept stores. We admire the Japanese culture and their way of life - from their aesthetics, to design, food and nature. We provide innovative homeware, apparel and accessories that redefine style and function through translating a personal vision of Japanese culture and fashion. 
Together we are an independent London-based lifestyle store taking on a holistic approach where lifestyle and experience comes first‭, ‬and the quality of products naturally follows‭. ‬ 
A multidisciplinary store bringing together Japanese-inspired design‭, ‬housing an array of brands sourced globally but primarily‭ ‬from Japan all under one roof‭. ‬
We are all about understanding‭, ‬educating and providing brands that offer the utmost practicality‭, ‬style and design that simply‭ ‬falls into our everyday life‭. ‬
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