Tasteful Tones and Textures with Decka

Decka's mission is to craft socks that complement every expression of style, personality, and spirit. Utilising vintage knitting machines, Decka produces high-quality, characterful socks that accentuate harmony with clothing.

Their ethos revolves around creating socks that are considered a 'first-class supporting role,' seamlessly matching anyone to complement the leading role played by clothes and shoes. With a distinct stylistic approach, Decka views socks as high-quality accessories that enhance a character's outfit, expressing their unique style and personality.

Each Decka sock offers a unique blend of texture and style, infusing a touch of luxury into your everyday wardrobe rotation. Whether it's the durability and substance of the Case Heavyweight Plain socks, boasting a ribbed high cut tube style, or the playful charm of the 80’s Skater Socks, paying homage to the vibrant West Coast with their bright striped colours pulled high for an original, retro-inspired look.

The collection serves as an ideal addition to the cold weather wardrobe, featuring luxurious smooth textures. Each style within the collection boasts distinctive characteristics that appeal to a variety of tastes and styles. Crafted from a desirable blend of cotton known for its long fibers and silky touch, these socks offer both warmth and softness against the skin.


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