From Mountain Sleeping Bags to a Global Outdoor Brand

We welcome mountaineering sleeping bag specialists and all-round outerwear brand, NANGA, to Spring Summer 23. 

Named notoriously after the Himalayan mountain of Nanga Parbot, renowned for mountaineers globally for its dangerous conditions, NANGA was founded in 1941. NANGA’s products are inspired by mountaineering heritage and a passion for the outdoors, specialising in premium down-filled outerwear. NANGA uses exceptional materials with the latest technology for high performance in the harshest climates and conditions.

NANGA started primarily as manufacture of sleeping bags for other brands and at the time was one of the only companies that could provide domestic repairs within Japan. In 1941, under the name of Yokota Sewing, the brand also specialised in making futons for expeditions made from premium down-filled fabrics. As outdoor clothing began to gain popularity in the late 1980’s, Yokota began producing sleeping bags for larger Japanese-based outdoor labels and soon after rebranded to NANGA in 1995. 



The brand sources all of their fabrics from top producers in Spain who are known for its high quality and sustainability. Each piece from the collection is then individually constructed in Japan with a commitment to high standard and performance-driven products using both modern and traditional techniques. 

As the brand slowly grew and expanded, NANGA, extended their expertise and knowledge in down material, producing down-filled jackets and other apparel. Interest in the brand amongst elite mountaineers in the Himalayas and elsewhere took off beyond the shores of Japan. Finally in 2018, NANGA formally expanded overseas, selling directly in Asia and the United States. Within that short period from then to now, the label has grown globally. Testimony to that is that  NANGA’s products are made from the highest quality materials that represent a unique space in the global landscape of mountaineering and the outdoors. 

SS23 available online soon.

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