Ha Ko - Winter Box Set


Introducing, Ha Ko, a new type of incense made of paper. Enjoy the aroma as potpourri or simply as incense. This special handcrafted box contains a set of five different leaf-shaped paper incense, representing the various seasons of refined Japanese scents. A truly unique gift for friends and family.

Instructions: After lighting the paper incense, extinguish the flame and place on the enclosed non-flammable felt. It burns 5 to 7 minutes per leaf while spreading scent throughout the space. Alternatively, allow the leaf to emit its aroma naturally, lasting up to three months.

  • W 78mm x H 108mm x D 30mm
  • Handcrafted box
  • No.1 Spicy Jasmine
  • No.2 Agar Wood
  • No.3 Elegance Citrus
  • No.4 Sandalwood
  • No.5 Smoky Cinnamon
  • One non-flammable felt
  • Instructions included
  • Made in Japan
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