Does Japan Celebrate St. Patricks Day?

There are many traditional festivals in Tokyo each spring, and Tokyo St. Patricks Day Parade has unexpectedly become one. With the support of the Irish embassy in 1992, they introduced Irish culture to the people of Japan. This year will mark the 30 year anniversary but unfortunately the parade will be closed due to Coronavirus.

Japans largest Irish event, ‘I Love Ireland Festival’, is held on the same day as the parade. There, you can find a multicultural crowd of Japanese and international people.

For those who are unfamiliar with St. Patrick's Day, it is a cultural celebration of the death of Irelands patron saint on the 17th March of every year.

St. Patrick's Day is honoured throughout nations worldwide. As a result of this, individuals from many nationalities can be seen wearing green representing Irelands national colour.

Parades and festivals celebrating the culture can be found in various countries incorporating traditional Irish music, dance, and other events.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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